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The New Hampshire House of Representatives has the third largest legislature in the English-speaking world. With 400 members who each get paid $100 and mileage annually before tax, it is widely known as, “The Citizen’s Legislature.”

The New Hampshire House Republican Caucus has 201 members. Our Caucus is led by Representative Jason Osborne of Auburn.

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Our Caucus' Priorities

Ensure Individual Liberty

Our Caucus understands that the best form of government is one that empowers you to live free. We will always fight to preserve and defend your personal freedom and individual liberty.

Prevent Federal Overreach

Whether it is spying on your bank account or mandating vaccines, the Democrats in Washington, DC want total control over you. Our caucus is one of the last lines of defense to protect against this affront to our freedoms.

Protect and Expand the New Hampshire Advantage

While Democrats continue to try to implement an income tax, our caucus will fight to expand on the $171 million in tax cuts that we have delivered this biennium. Especially where DC spending is running rampant and inflation is soaring, our caucus is fighting to keep more dollars in your pocket. 

"Since President Biden and the Democrats took control of DC, there have been numerous threats on states’ rights and citizens’ basic rights.

Something must be done, and the New Hampshire legislature is making sure that our basic freedoms are going to remain protected."

- Majority Leader
Jason Osborne

Republicans sent New Hampshire taxpayers over $171 million in tax cuts as a part of the Republican State Budget, HB-2 .

Republicans established Education Freedom Accounts so that every student gets a proper education regardless of income or zip-code.

Republicans created funds to send money from Meals and Rooms taxes back to municipalities and funded millions in grants for municipal projects.