New Member Spotlight: Rep. Steve Beaudoin

steveSteve wanted to serve on Executive Departments and Administration because he was very concerned about the rule making authority granted by boards and agencies, and not by statute.  Whenever possible, Steve would prefer decisions on regulations and fees to be made by the legislature.

Steve knows first hand the effect of excessive state and federal regulations as a business owner himself.  His family has owned a heating oil business for 3 generations and is one of the oldest companies in our state.

In his spare time, Steve helps charity organizations like Jerry’s Food Pantry and the Share Fund, which raises money to help people with food, clothing, heat and other necessary assistance.

Steve and his wife Sherry live in Rochester and enjoy boating and motorcycling. Their son is a student at UNH studying genetics and is working toward publishing his first academic research paper this year.  Please stop by and say hello to Steve at 338.