The following message was sent to Republican nominees tor state representative via email and postal mail on October 11, 2018:

Republican House Nominees and Prospective House Members,

Every two years, Republican House members-elect gather in Concord to elect their nominee for Speaker, House Clerk, and Sergeant-at-Arms. If you are elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives on November 6th, you should plan on making every effort to attend this caucus.

As it is the tradition and regular practice for the Majority Leader to call a caucus of our members for legislative business, this letter shall serve as notice of our caucus for members-elect to gather for the business of electing our above mentioned nominees.

We value your time and we respect your commitment to public service. We realize that as a volunteer legislature, we need to make each trip you make to Concord the most efficient we can. This is why I am officially scheduling the caucus of Republican members-elect for Thursday, November 29th at 2 pm in Representatives Hall at the State House in Concord.

Many, if not most of you will be attending the 2 ½ day legislator orientation sessions which start on Tuesday, November 27th and scheduled to end Thursday November 29th at 12:30 pm, making it an optimal time and day while most everyone is already in Concord.  It’s a busy time of year for you and your families, and a busy time for the legislature and its staff as we prepare for the upcoming session. Consolidating events to one day just makes sense.

The House has a longstanding tradition of holding the Republican caucus on the last day of orientation. I intend on following that tradition.

We’ve received communication from the Republican State Committee that Chairman Wayne MacDonald is available to participate as presiding officer of the meeting on November 29th, so Chairman MacDonald will be asking the announced candidates for Speaker to meet in Concord shortly after Election Day to discuss and agree upon the rules for the Speaker election.

An additional notice will be sent to members-elect once election results are certified.

Thank you for everything you have done and are doing to promote the Republican party through your candidacy and your campaigns. Public service is an important part of our way of life in New Hampshire.

I am honored to serve alongside so many people dedicated to serving their communities and working to make New Hampshire an even better place.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve with you in the New Hampshire House in the coming term.

With Regards,

Richard W. Hinch,
House Majority Leader