September 16, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.
at the Whittemore Center, UNH


No in-person caucus of Republican members is scheduled at this time. Republican members may receive information for conference call caucus by email.

House Republican Leader Applauds Veto of HB250

Concord, NH- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement after Governor Chris Sununu vetoed HB250, establishing a dental benefit under the state Medicaid program. 

“The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the lives of all granite staters and has given state government a lot of uncertainty regarding our fiscal picture. The latest revenue report shows us at 5.5% below plan. HB250 did not have an actuarial analysis or a simple fiscal note. Frankly, we don’t know exactly how much it’ll cost,” said Hinch. “Why would we agree to pay for something before we know how much it costs or if we can afford it? Our neighbors in Massachusetts have had difficulty paying for their own dental medicaid benefit. In the last 18 years, they’ve had to cut, then reestablish it twice already.”

“As part of the agreement on Medicaid Expansion made in 2018, if the New Hampshire Health Protection Trust Fund is not solvent, the program will be terminated. The funds to pay for this will come from that fund, and we don’t know exactly how much stress will be put on it. In these already uncertain times, Republicans will not allow Democrats to dig our fiscal hole any deeper. While in the majority, Democrats have grossly mismanaged our state finances every step of the way. Our fellow New Hampshire taxpayers deserve better. We will sustain the Governor’s veto on this bill.”

House Republican Leader Pleased by Governor’s Veto of HB1660

Concord, NH- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement after Governor Sununu vetoed HB1660, establishing a protective order for vulnerable adults. House Republicans unanimously opposed it’s passage and were joined by members of the Democratic caucus. 

“House Republicans spoke loud and clear in February by unanimously opposing this bill’s passage. We were even joined by a few of our friends on the other side of the aisle. The majority of Democrats once again were not listening and thought we wouldn’t catch their tactics. They are wrong and “this dog still won’t hunt”. This bill didn’t do enough about the concerns raised by Governor Sununu after his veto of HB696, and still raised serious concerns over the potential risk to granite staters’ constitutional rights. Rather than address any of the points raised, the bill was rubber stamped in the Senate and sent to the Governor. All with zero Republican support. Clearly a lot more work needs to be done on this issue, and House Republicans will stand united to sustain the Governor’s veto.”

House Republican Leader Applauds Veto of HB1234

Concord, NH- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch released the following statement in response to Governor Sununu’s veto of HB1234, relative to state and local government administration.

“HB1234 is a prime example of everything that was wrong with the process the Democrats used to pass legislation this year. This bill consisted of over 40 different pieces of legislation, a vast majority of which was never seen by the House until this bill came over for a concurrence vote. There was no chance for the House to properly vet the over 20 Senate bills that were tacked on. This rushed, heavy-handed, and mismanaged process done by the Democrats left out important and long established steps to the process, such as committees of conference. This is yet another example of miserably failed management by the Democrats.”.

“Throughout this entire pandemic Republicans agreed that our work needed to be completed, but Democrats chose a process which shortchanged the legislative process, bypassed public scrutiny, and resulted in this log jam of a bill. Democrats went through all their storage boxes of decorations for this tree. In March, the House passed a rule ensuring bipartisan cooperation would not be pushed aside in the event of a pandemic, but unfortunately House Democrats kept Republicans in the dark for months. HB1234 sets a terrible precedent for future legislatures by saying one body and party can be denied a seat at the table, and I commend Governor Sununu for vetoing this bill.”

House Republican Leader Applauds Veto of Omnibus Election Bill

Concord, NH – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement in response to Governor Sununu’s veto of HB1672, relative to absentee voting.

“House Democrats would have you believe that HB1672 is needed for our citizens to have a chance to vote in the midst of the pandemic. But, in reality, the Attorney General and Secretary of State issued guidance back in April allowing absentee balloting in the primary and general election for those who have concerns about voting in person due to COVID-19, ensuring all New Hampshire citizens are able to vote in the 2020 elections.” 

“What is really included in HB1672 is a wishlist of expensive and partisan agenda items paid for by CARES Act funds, such as online voter registration. If the point is to make voting easier in this election, this program wouldn’t even be feasible to implement by September. This is unacceptable and puts our state’s reputation of having clean and fair elections at risk.” 

“The provisions of this bill have more holes than swiss cheese, and I applaud the governor for vetoing it.”

House Republican Leader Applauds Veto of HB1247

Concord, NH- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement in response to Governor Sununu’s veto of HB1247, relative to mortgage defaults and nonpayments of rent during the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak state of emergency.

“Governor Sununu’s continuing response to our citizens’ rent and mortgage situations during this pandemic is thorough and appropriate, and has ensured people have the protections they needed in these unprecedented times. 

“In addition to existing protections, there has been money flowing to folks to help them meet their financial obligations. The governor established the New Hampshire Housing Relief Program using CARES Act funds to issue one-time assistance grants up to $2500 to assist households who fell behind on rent, or household related expenses that if not paid impact the ability to maintain housing. This grant program on top of extended unemployment, federal stimulus payments, and enhanced federal unemployment payment amounts makes this bill completely unnecessary.”

“We shouldn’t be enacting permenant new laws just for the sake of a political party taking credit, nor should we be passing laws to add to the resume of “do nothing” candidates seeking higher office to make them seem effective and relevant. The governor’s veto was appropriate, and you can expect House Republicans to be united in their vote to sustain it.”

Republican Leader Praises Governor Sununu Veto of Income Tax

CONCORD- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch released the following statement after Governor Sununu vetoed HB712-FN, relative to a family and medical leave insurance program. This bill would create a mandatory family and medical leave insurance program funded by a 0.5% tax on wages. 

“Well, it’s Groundhog Day…again. For the second year in a row, Democrats in the State House have given their full support to a family medical leave plan funded by an income tax. Fortunately, Governor Sununu has once again vetoed this ill-advised attempt at an income tax, and House Republicans stand united in his defense of the New Hampshire Advantage. Republican actions last year made it clear that we will not support this plan, and Democrats sending a nearly identical bill to the Governor’s desk shows they were not serious about getting something passed.”, Hinch said. 

“If Democrats are determined to pass an income tax, which they have repeatedly demonstrated, House Republicans are united in our vehement opposition and more than happy to stand in their way.”

House Republican Leader Reacts to Democrats Support of Minimum Wage Hike

DURHAM-House Republican Leader Dick Hinch issued the following statement after the House voted 198-124 to concur on HB731, relative to the state minimum hourly rate. 

“Apparently Democrats in Concord would rather check boxes on their progressive wish-list than assist New Hampshire’s economic recovery. Passing a 65% mandatory wage hike in these times is particularly burdensome and cruel,” said Hinch. “This bill would disproportionately affect our already struggling small businesses, and would no doubt cause a number to close their doors.”

“New Hampshire’s employers have proven they know what it takes when it comes to attracting, retaining, and compensating their employees properly. Rather than focusing on creating a climate where New Hampshire’s economy can fully recover, they would rather legislate how companies do business and endanger people’s livelihoods.”

House Republicans Believe HB1672 Puts NH Election Integrity at Risk

Durham, NH – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement in response to the House voting to concur with HB1672, relative to absentee voting, on a vote of 195-130. Following today’s vote, the bill will be sent to the governor.

“HB1672 is a democrat wishlist of partisan political agenda items masked as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Attorney General and Secretary of State have already issued guidance allowing absentee balloting in the primary and general election for those who have concerns voting in person due to COVID-19 ensuring all New Hampshire citizens are able to vote in the 2020 elections.”

“Spending CARES Act funds for brand new programs, such as online voter registration, is unacceptable and puts our state’s reputation of having clean and fair elections at risk. I am dismayed that House Democrats saw this as a valid use of CARES Act funds, and it is my hope Governor Sununu vetoes this bill.”

House Republicans Decry Democrats’ Lack of Transparency, Legislative Log Jam

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement relative to the June 30th House session during which the session agenda included dozens of omnibus bills containing subject matter that the House did not have time to thoroughly vet. In some cases dozens of Senate bills that had not yet received a public hearing or committee work in the House were attached to or completely replaced the content of House bills.

“Our log jam agenda today reflects the fact that Democrats refused to compromise one iota with Republicans. They chose to shortchange the legislative process, skip steps, and rush through these massive bills rather than work in a bipartisan manner with House Republicans,” Hinch said. “Democrats even abandoned the usual protocol of committees of conference, and placed us in this all-or-nothing position, having to vote against bills that may have parts we like, but too many parts we don’t like. It is a bad way to do things, it sets a terrible precedent, and our state deserves better.”

House Republicans Still Awaiting Outreach from House Speaker, Democrats on Bipartisan Agreement

House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack), Deputy House Republican Leader Sherm Packard (R-Londonderry) and House Republican Policy Leader, Rep. Kim Rice (R-Hudson) confirmed today that no contact from House Speaker Steve Shurtleff (D-Concord) or any member of his leadership team has been received since the House session one week ago on Thursday, June 11th. Republicans had hoped that they would have a change of heart.

“Our mantra in recent weeks has been that Republicans are eager to finish our work, and do our jobs as legislators, but we can’t move forward if we are excluded from the planning process,” House Republican Leader Dick Hinch said. “In the newspapers last week, and during last week’s House session, we made it clear that we are awaiting that phone call from the Speaker or his team acknowledging that it’s time that they fulfill their end of the agreement we made in March, and that we would work together. Our phones have not rang with such a call. We continue to know nothing.”

“The ball is in their court,” Rep. Sherm Packard (R-Londonderry) added. “It’s unfortunate that the Democrats have dug in on their position to not have Republican input on how the House should complete our work for the term. We eagerly signed on to the concept of the Speaker’s Committee on Legislative Continuity, but our one phone call meeting in March doesn’t cut it.”

“I can’t believe it has been 7 days with no outreach from the Speaker on this,” Rep. Kim Rice said. “Republicans believe there is a huge opportunity to work this out, but Democrats seem to have given up on the process, or any bipartisan agreement.”

Rep. Hinch concluded, “Democrats had a chance to mend fences. They had a chance to come into this unprecedented period with an open mind and inclusive process. Instead, they unfairly denied us the opportunity to have an up or down vote on a meaningful proposal to provide business tax relief. They’ve stuck to their rushed and flawed scheduling plan that shortchanges the legislative process without taking a moment to work with us on something we could all agree on. Their highly partisan form of governing is pushing aside the spirit of cooperation we thought we had in March.”


The House could not act on a number of bills on Thursday, June 11th after a vote to adopt new deadlines failed to achieve the necessary ⅔ majority vote. The House is also precluded from taking up several Senate bills without similar deadlines. Action on those bills can still occur if new deadlines are adopted on June 30th. Since June 11th, Speaker Shurtleff has not proposed an alternate schedule for House Republicans to consider. If an agreement was reached, a vote could be taken on June 30th to adopt a schedule of deadlines, and House business could proceed. The House has until the end of the term, or until the Speaker adjourns from this year’s session, to complete the legislative process.

Reps. Hinch, Packard, and Rice were appointed by the House Speaker to serve on the Speaker’s Committee on Legislative Continuity. On Tuesday, March 17th each received an email from the House chief of staff explaining the duties of the committee, which were to “investigate any necessary legislation, changes in House Rules or possible constitutional amendment,” with regard to ongoing House business.

The committee met once, briefly, over the phone. A subsequent meeting was cancelled, and no other meetings have occurred.