Democrats Charge Republicans Corrupt for Claiming Mileage for Attending Party Caucuses in Concord The Day After Democrats Claim Mileage for Attending Their Party Caucus in Concord

In an example of hypocrisy that would be shocking if it were not what we have come to expect of Democrats in Concord this legislative term, the day before the Democrats issued a release charging corruption because Republicans had requested mileage reimbursement for attending party caucuses to review redistricting plans and not to attend any legislative committees, 25 Democrats claimed a total of $1306.47 in mileage reimbursement payments for coming to Concord for the sole purpose of attending their party caucus and not to attend as members any legislative committee.

Included among these two-faced Democrats claiming mileage payments for the Democrats’ December 14 caucus are minority leader Terie Norelli, as well as Concord Rep. James MacKay who lives in Concord, but nonetheless is seeking $1.11 for coming to Concord that day.

In the case of former speaker Norelli, she is seeking $57.72 for attending that Democrat caucus.  Despite having claimed payments for the same activity that the next day her party’s mouthpiece trumpeted was corrupt, Norelli has yet to be heard to correct the record.

Democrat party hacks claimed these payments for attending legislative caucuses are “a horrendous waste of taxpayer money” and “shameful.”  What they neglected to say is what they really mean: Mileage reimbursement to legislators to attend party caucuses is only a waste and shameful if claimed by Republicans.