Flanagan steps down as House Majority Leader

Concord, NH–Rep. Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) announced today that he will be stepping down from his duties as House Majority Leader effective immediately.  Flanagan recently announced the formation of an exploratory committee to determine whether or not he would become a candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s second district.

“Due to the additional demands that have been consuming most of my time, I felt it only fair to Speaker Jasper and our leadership team that I step down as Majority Leader sooner rather than later,” said Rep. Flanagan.

“We have close to 700 bills that need to be reviewed,  and  with the many new tasks and activities facing me in forming an exploratory committee, I have found it very difficult to devote the time necessary to handle the duties of Majority Leader.  Therefore  it is important that I step down now for the good of  House leadership, the republican caucus and the State,” he added.

Rep. Flanagan, currently serving his third term in the House, joined Speaker Shawn Jasper’s leadership team in December of last year.

“I appreciate Jack Flanagan’s support during my tenure as speaker,” said Jasper.  “He has worked extremely hard for the House Republican Caucus and I know how difficult it must be for him to continue his duties at a time when he is exploring a run for Congress,” he added. “I wish him all the best.”

Speaker Jasper and Rep Flanagan will be working on a smooth transition with a new Majority Leader, whose appointment will be announced within a few days.

“While I will no longer serve as his Majority Leader, I will still be representing the people of Brookline and Mason to the best of my ability and stand ready to assist Speaker Jasper and the Republican Caucus  in any way possible,” said Rep. Flanagan.  “It has been a honor and privilege working for Speaker Jasper as part of his leadership team.”