Former Speaker to Join House Republican Leadership

downloadConcord—Speaker of the NH House, Shawn Jasper, today announced that former Speaker Gene Chandler (r-Bartlett) has agreed to serve as his Deputy Speaker for the coming biennium. “I couldn’t be happier to have Gene Chandler as my deputy,” said Jasper.  “His vast experience and knowledge as both a former speaker and Republican leader will be invaluable to our caucus as we move forward. He is extremely well respected  by Democrats and Republicans alike and I intend to seek his counsel on many issues.” Jasper added.

Rep. Chandler is entering his 17th term in the New Hampshire House of  Representatives.  He  served as the Speaker of the NH House from 2000-2004. The veteran legislator has also served in the capacity of  Deputy Majority Leader, Majority Leader, Republican Policy Leader and Senior Republican Leader.

“I look forward to the opportunity to help mend some fences among our caucus,” said Chandler. “ It is important that we as Republicans unite and come together to work for the betterment of the people of New Hampshire,” added  Chandler.

Speaker Jasper intends to announce the remainder of his leadership team, including committee chairs and vice chairs, next week.