House Democrats Put Politics Over Students

Concord, NH- House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) released the following statement after the House acted on three bills to expand the Education Freedom Account program. 

“Since the legislature instituted the Education Freedom Account program, the intention from the very first draft has always been for it to be universal. Out of an abundance of caution, we started small and have gradually increased it. Ultimately removing the income cap entirely is in the best interest of New Hampshire taxpayers, parents, and students.”

“The fact remains that we now have the most popular education choice program in the country. By failing to provide this flexibility to all children, we are playing petty games with their futures, putting politics over people. This is discrimination against every family who may not fall under an arbitrary level of poverty set by the federal government. While the opposition would like to make our children wards of the state from cradle to grave, one-size-fits-all government run schooling is not the answer for every student.”

“We look forward to every child having access to their chosen educational pathway, after the coming elections in September and November.”