House Leaders’ Statements on Committee of Conference Budget Passage

CONCORD – House Republican Leaders issued statements following the affirmative vote of the State Senate and House of Representatives to send HB144 and HB517 to the governor’s desk for signature. The committee of conference report on HB144 received a 198-169 vote, and HB517 received a 212-161 vote on Thursday, after months of public input, review, and analysis by House and Senate budget writers.

House Speaker Shawn Jasper (R-Hudson):

“This is a budget the legislature and the people of New Hampshire can be proud of. This budget provides increased resources to address the opioid crisis, mental illness, domestic violence, and includes several reforms to state government while keeping spending in check. We’ve achieved a balance that ensures our citizens will have access to the services they need while reducing the tax burden. Members of the House and Senate have worked tirelessly on this budget, which in my opinion makes sense for our state, our communities, and our constituents.”

House Majority Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack):

“Voters sent Republican majorities back to Concord to continue managing our state in a fiscally responsible manner. This budget meets the needs of our state and addresses many of our top priorities. New Hampshire will be more competitive by reducing the tax burden on our business community and reducing electricity bills by repealing a tax on electricity consumption. Republicans united today to keep promises made during the campaign, and we delivered.”

House Finance Committee Chairman Neal Kurk (R-Weare):

“This is a thoughtful and conservative budget that provides essential services for our state’s most vulnerable populations without raising taxes or fees. We worked closely with the Senate to deliver this compassionate and fiscally responsible spending plan for our state. This was an inclusive process from start to finish, and this budget reflects our desire to meet the demands of our constituents and build consensus within the House and Senate.”

Budget details and highlights are available in the committee of conference briefing document available here: