House Majority Leader Comments on April Revenue Report

CONCORD – House Majority Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) offered the following comments relative to the monthly report of state revenues indicating business tax revenue continued to perform above expectations. In the report business taxes performed 14.5% above plan.

“The fiscally responsible Republican budget and revenue plan continue to meet and exceed expectations. At the outset of this legislative term, House Republicans were adamant about building our budget on conservative revenue estimates to protect taxpayers. We were able to fund New Hampshire’s priorities on those estimates, without raising a single tax or fee in the budget, and build the foundation for continued economic growth,” said Hinch.

“Less than one year ago, Governor Hassan admonished the business tax cuts contained in the Republican budget, and by her veto, demonstrated her lack of foresight on this issue. Not only have her claims of massive budget holes been roundly disproven, the opposite is happening,” Hinch added. “The legislature is moving forward in a cautious manner as we prioritize where any additional funds might be utilized. Addressing our state’s continuing drug crisis and rebuilding our Rainy Day Fund are very important. The governor has come to us with a shopping cart full of spending proposals, but before we think about heading to the checkout, we’re looking at what is necessary and what is possible.”