House Majority Leader Praises Strengthening NH’s Rape Shield Law

House Majority Leader Richard Hinch (R-Merrimack) offered the following statement in response to the passage of SB9, relative to the admissibility of proffered evidence in sexual assault cases. The bill passed the House by a 328 – 30 vote.

House Majority Leader Richard Hinch (R-Merrimack):

“This is an important piece of legislation that protects the privacy of sexual assault victims, their families, and strengthens New Hampshire’s rape shield law. This will ensure that a victim’s sexual history will remain sealed from the jury, public, and press while not infringing upon a defendant’s rights or jeopardizing due process.”

“Although in line with practices in New Hampshire, SB9 is a critical clarification in the law that will not leave victims of sexual assault forced to choose between their right to privacy and their right for justice. I commend the House for passing SB9, and I look forward to it being signed into law.”