House Majority Leader Reacts to Governor’s Inauguration Address

CONCORD – House Republican Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) offered the following comments in reaction to Governor Hassan’s inaugural address:

House Republican Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline)

“Governor Hassan offered a lot of broad goals, with little specifics on how to reach them. Republicans share concern about our economy, job creation, and energy prices, but we’ll have very different solutions. Republicans have a common-sense legislative agenda that we believe will keep our pledge to protect taxpayers and make New Hampshire more business friendly.”

“I’m happy that the Governor shares our desire for a balanced state budget. However, we should remember that two years ago Governor Hassan proposed a budget that was immediately rejected by Republicans as a result of higher taxes, higher spending, and unrealistic revenue estimates.”

“In order for the Governor to fulfill her commitment to bipartisan solutions, we will need her to work with us to ensure our government lives within its means without relying on new or increased taxes and fees.”