House Majority Leader’s Statement on Passage of SB 116

downloadCONCORD – House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) offered the following statement relative to the passage of SB 116, a bill that allows a person to carry a loaded, concealed pistol or revolver without a license unless such person is otherwise prohibited by New Hampshire statute. SB 116 passed by a vote of 212-150.

House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline)

“The vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens. SB 116 protects law abiding gun owners by advancing their right to carry a concealed firearm, as long as they are legally able to own one, without the subjective permitting process This is a reasonable and long overdue measure that will extend freedom for our responsible firearms community, and will be an overall deterrent to crime.”

“Contrary to what opponents of the bill would like us to believe, SB 116 will not enable a proliferation of criminal activity. This bill does not extend rights of those who would be otherwise prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a firearm. Those with criminal intent will continue to obtain, carry, and use firearms in illegal ways. Impeding the rights of lawful gun owners based on the actions of criminals is unfair. The House vote today reflects the sentiment of New Hampshire voters who overwhelmingly support laws that uphold our “Live Free or Die” motto.”