House Passes Bill Protecting Minors from Premature Gender Reassignment Surgery

HB619 Passes With Bipartisan Support

Concord, NH – House Health, Human Services & Elderly Affairs Vice-Chairman Erica Layon (R-Derry) released the following statement after the House voted OTP/A on HB619, to require a person to attain the age of majority for genital gender reassignment surgery on a bipartisan vote of 199-175.

“I am pleased that New Hampshire is extending the long-standing practice that a person should be at least 18 to have a genital gender reassignment surgery. Despite experts telling parents that this surgery is safe and effective, it has not yet been studied in children. That means parents don’t have the information required to provide informed consent. This law to wait until 18 protects parents and children from premature, irreversible surgeries.”