House Passes Election Law Reform Bills

CONCORD- House Majority Leader Richard “Dick” Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued the following statement relative to the passage of election law reform legislation in the House, seeking to strengthen the integrity of our state elections.

“Republicans in the House are proud to contribute to the effort to maintain New Hampshire’s electoral integrity. The passage of several bills today are an important step in making sure our state continues to have open and honest elections by clarifying and enhancing our election laws to prevent drive-by voting. I look forward to working with our colleagues in the Senate to get these and other important bills to the Governor’s desk this year.

“When our statewide elections are being decided by fractions of a percent, and some state legislative elections being decided by single digit margins, it is our duty to make sure every ballot is cast by a duly eligible voter.”

Related bills that passed the New Hampshire House on Wednesday, March 8th:

HB 372, relative to construction of the terms “resident,” “inhabitant,” “residence,” and “residency.. Passed by a vote of 188-163. (This bill modifies the general statutory definitions of “resident or inhabitant” and “residence or residency.”)

HB 430, relative to recording voters’ out-of-state drivers’ licenses. Passed by a vote of 187-160. (This bill requires that information on the use of out-of-state drivers’ licenses and nondrivers’ identification cards be recorded in the statewide centralized voter registration database.)

HB 552-FN, relative to the investigation of undeliverable voter verification letters. Passed by a vote of 181-163. (This bill requires the secretary of state to investigate a letter of identity verification and driver’s obligation if the letter is returned as undeliverable or if the recipient fails to respond.)

Democrat Sponsored Election Law bills killed by the New Hampshire House on Wednesday, March 8th:

HB 348-FN, relative to registering to vote. Killed by a vote of 191-159 (This bill authorizes the division of motor vehicles to receive voter registration forms with driver’s license applications.)

HB 622, allowing all voters to vote by absentee ballot. Killed by a vote of 200-145.