House Republican Leader Comments on House Action on Responsible Spending Constitutional Amendment

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Richard “Dick” Hinch (R-Merrimack) offered the following comments relative to the House vote on CACR27, a constitutional amendment providing that the state shall not spend more on operating budget expenses than it receives in revenues plus any surplus from the previous budget period, or use the proceeds of any instrument of indebtedness to fund its operating expenditures. CACR27 received a majority vote of 201 to 139, but lacked the necessary 3/5 majority required to move forward, in order to appear on the November ballot for ratification by voters.

“Voters expect responsible spending and budgeting by their elected officials, just as they do in their own household, and not spend more than we take in. This amendment sought to take those simple values on fiscal responsibility and place them in our state constitution,” said Hinch. “We believe it sets reasonable parameters for state spending. It passed the Senate 23-1.  It’s unfortunate that House Democrats voted so strongly against this responsible spending measure today, thereby taking away the opportunity for voters to weigh in on this important issue in the Fall.”