House Republican Leader: Hello, Income Tax. Goodbye, New Hampshire Advantage

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) reacted to a proposed non-germane amendment sponsored by Democrats in the Senate and House that would establish a 6.2% payroll tax on some earners in New Hampshire.

Amendment 2019-2031s, which is being heard today at 1:00pm, proposes to impose a 6.2% state payroll tax on income above $132,900 and is subject to annual adjustment.

“This is an egregious attempt by pro-income tax Democrats’ to end the New Hampshire Advantage. This is a broad-based tax that will affect a high number of households in New Hampshire. A sizeable portion of our population chose to live here because of our lack of an income tax. This proposal would fundamentally and negatively affect our state’s personal tax environment, and to have this come forward via a non-germane amendment is bizarre at best.”

“If Democrats’ want to show their true colors and support this income tax proposal, they will be held accountable in next year’s election. This is just another attempt to turn New Hampshire into a high-tax state like Connecticut or New York, and New Hampshire voters won’t stand for it. “ “The prime sponsor believes people who make enough to be affected by this income tax, ‘don’t pay attention to every penny,’ and that, ‘This is almost a painless way to raise revenue.’ I have a newsflash for supporters of this bill. I guarantee you they do, and it will cause pain for many New Hampshire families.”