House Republican Leader Reacts to Democrats’ Single-Payer Healthcare Proposal

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement relative to the public hearing on House Bill 697, relative to Medicare for all. According to the bill analysis, it establishes a single payer health care system to provide healthcare for the citizens of New Hampshire. The bill had a public hearing on Wednesday, January 30th, at 2:30PM.

“This is socialized medicine, if I’ve ever seen it,” said Rep. Dick Hinch. “The program would cost so much money,  Department of Health and Human Services couldn’t provide a clear estimate. If it costs roughly $12,000 per year to provide Medicaid coverage for 1 person in New Hampshire, this could be a $16 billion per year program to provide every citizen with similar coverage. That’s over 2.5 times the current annual state budget.”

Hinch continued, “New Hampshire Democrats just need to look next door to Vermont to realize that single payer health care is not feasible. According to reports, the plan that failed there in 2014 would have required an 11.5% payroll tax on employers and a 9.5% income tax in addition to the state’s existing income tax. The fact that we’re seeing legislation to look at this issue again just baffles me. Vermont studied it, and rejected it because it would have bankrupted their state.”

HB 677 is one of 4 bills filed by House Democrats to study or implement single-payer-style health care proposals

  • HB 180, establishing a commission to examine the feasibility of the New England states entering into a compact for a single payer health care program.
  • HB 277, establishing a commission to study a public option for health insurance.
  • HB 604, establishing a commission to assess benefits and costs of a “health care for all” program for New Hampshire.
  • HB 697-FN-A, relative to Medicare for all.