House Republican Leader Responds to Election Law Committee Voting to Repeal New Voter Laws

CONCORD, NH- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement in response to the Election Law Committee voting 12-8 to pass HB105, relative to domicile residency, voter registration, and investigation of voter verification letters and voting 12-8 to pass HB106, relative to the terms “resident,” “inhabitant,” “residence,” and “residency.” Both votes were along party lines.

“I am deeply disappointed that Democrats on the Election Law committee did not see through the conspiracies, misleading information, and classic fear mongering perpetuated by proponents of these bills,” said Hinch. “HB106 seeks to repeal common sense legislation that the State just enacted in 2018. Just this past July, the NH Supreme Court issued an advisory opinion on HB1264 stating there is nothing unconstitutional about requiring individuals to make a choice as to where they are residents.”

“Similarly, HB105 seeks to repeal much of what the State passed in SB3. In a state where numerous elections have been decided by just a handful of votes, it is important to make sure that every ballot cast by an eligible voter is counted, and the domicile loophole is closed.”

“HB1264 and SB3 did not make us any different from our neighboring states. In this past election, there were no reports of any voters being disenfranchised by the new requirements. In fact, voter turnout in college towns made records. We will continue to fight to overturn these committee reports, and I trust my colleagues will agree that any person who casts a ballot in our state are subjected to the same rules.”