House Republican Leader Worried Democrats Will Cut Revitalization Projects From Governor’s Budget

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement relative to the press conference held today where Governor Sununu and local and state leaders spoke in support of the Capital Infrastructure Revitalization Fund as part of his FY 2020—2021 Budget.

“The governor has it right. One time revenue should be designated to one time appropriations, and sending money back to towns, and specific projects within state agencies helps offset local and state costs. He’s identified real needs in communities, and departments, and he’s doing it the right way. Democrats might see the dollar signs, and might be realizing that with all of the appropriations bills they’ve already passed, plus all the budget promises they’ve made, they might have to cut these projects to fund their big government dreams. They’ve maxed out on raising taxes and fees (I hope), so they have to get more money from somewhere, and unfortunately, this is an easy target.”