House Republican Leader’s Statement on Governor’s Budget Address

CONCORD, NH – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement following Governor Sununu’s budget address on Thursday.

“Governor Sununu is staying true to core Republican principles of low taxes, responsible spending, and reforms that promote efficiencies and improve services,” Hinch said. “He understands that there is a need to keep our economy strong, and provide essential services without new taxes or fees. This is in stark contrast to what we’ve seen from Democrats in the legislature, who seem to be searching for new things to tax, and new money to spend every day. We look forward to reviewing the governor’s proposals in greater detail, but from what I heard today, he’s delivered what he promised during the campaign. We can only hope that House Democrats won’t toss his budget in the wastebasket once it’s introduced. Democrats have been talking about bipartisanship, but I was disappointed to see them remain seated following critical announcements in the governor’s speech.”