House Republicans Select Rep. Gene Chandler To Serve As Republican Leader for 2013-14 Session

CONCORD – At a caucus of Republicans elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives for the 2013-14 session, the members elected Rep. Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) to serve as House Republican Leader.  In the current session, Rep. Chandler holds the office of Speaker Pro Tempore.

Speaker Pro Tempore Gene Chandler

“I’m honored to have my Republican colleagues give me their support as Leader.  Today, we begin our efforts to restore our majority in the House by delivering the Republican message of economic opportunity and job creation through lowering the burden of taxes and regulation.  We won’t rest until we know that everyone who wants a job can find a good one right here in New Hampshire.  That cannot mean a return to the days of massive tax and fee increases on the backs of the working families and employers of the state.  We also need to make sure that we have a budget that is balanced and relies on realistic revenue projections.  We will also work to ensure that we continue to deliver on the promise of education choice and protect the integrity of our elections.  I look forward to getting work to keep our caucus strong and send a clear message about our Republican values.”