House to Hold Session on November 30 to Vote on Governor’s Education Funding Amendment

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today announced that the House of Representatives will meet on Wednesday, November 30 to address the education funding amendment proposed by Governor John Lynch.  The Speaker will sponsor an amendment to CACR 14, currently tabled in the House, for the purpose of putting the language of the Governor’s proposed constitutional change before the House for a vote.  Earlier this week, Speaker O’Brien invited Lynch to address the House in support of his amendment, and according to media accounts, the Governor has declined the invitation.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“Right now, we have three different proposed amendments from the House, Senate and Governor to solve the education funding problem and restore local control.  We need to begin to break this logjam and start acting so that we can bring the issue to the voters next year.  The best way to do this is to begin airing out the different plans and taking votes as soon as possible.  A year has gone by and yet the Governor has only now come forward with language that would be his version of a constitutional amendment.  Accordingly, I will be sponsoring the Governor’s language and asking the Majority Leader and Democratic Leader to join me, so that we can give the amendment a full, unbiased hearing.

“If the media reports are accurate, the people of New Hampshire should certainly be disappointed that Governor Lynch has chosen not to address his amendment.  Obviously, given that it is his language, he could make the most forceful case in supporting his solution.  Furthermore, it was equally disappointing to see the Governor suggest that holding a session to address his amendment would cost the state taxpayers.  The State Constitution clearly states that there are no additional payments for this session, so that assertion is simply untrue.

“We hope the Governor will come forward and show some leadership in his last year.  He came into office seven years ago saying he would solve the education funding problem.  This is his chance to tell the House in a debate why his amendment does that.”