Majority Leader Hinch Urges Support of SB3 in House Election Law Committee

CONCORD- Today, the House Election Law Committee heard testimony regarding SB 3, relative to domicile for voting purposes.

This legislation clarifies the definition of domicile for voting purposes while modifying the requirements for documenting the domicile of an individual registering to vote. SB3 will prohibit individuals who are only in the state on a temporary basis, and who maintain a voting domicile in another state, from voting here.

House Majority Leader Richard “Dick” Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued the following statement after today’s hearing:

“New Hampshire plays an important national role in elections due to our First in the Nation status and as a battleground swing state. We have numerous elections for state representative each cycle being decided by only a few votes, and statewide elections being decided by less than a 1% margin.  In order to maintain confidence in the electoral process it is extremely important that every vote is cast by a duly qualified voter.

SB3 seeks to eliminate drive-by voting by clearly defining domicile. It will treat every voter equally and ensures everyone who shows up to the polls has an opportunity to vote if they are qualified.

I look forward to this legislation coming out of committee with an Ought to Pass recommendation so the House can act on this bill and swiftly send it to the Governor’s desk.”