Senior Assistant Republican Leader Comments on Bill Removing Some Restrictions For Sex Offenders

CONCORD – Senior Assistant House Republican Leader Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry) today offered the following statement on House Bill 442, which removes residency restrictions for registered sex offenders. The bill was heard in the Criminal Justice Committee today.

Senior Assistant House Republican Leader Sherman Packard

“New Hampshire has always prided itself on the abilities of local communities to govern themselves, especially when it comes to the best way to protect their citizens against eminent threats or dangerous people. This bill would prevent a community from protecting its citizens, especially children, from dangerous sex offenders or pedophiles.”

“Among the most egregious parts of this proposed legislation is that it states that any such ordinance now in effect shall be null and void. We must not in any way prevent our local elected officials and law enforcement officers from being able to do their job of protecting their citizens against dangerous threats.”

“I do not understand why the Democrat sponsor of this bill wants to put our citizens, especially our children, in possible danger from these violent criminals. If the argument is that some criminals are currently inconvenienced, I say let them be inconvenienced and protect our children.”