Speaker Jasper Announces House Leaders

downloadSpeaker Shawn Jasper today confirmed the appointment of two veteran legislators to lead their respective caucuses in the next session.  Rep. Steve Shurtleff (d-Penacook) will lead the Democratic caucus and Rep. Jack Flanagan (r-Brookline) will serve as  the Majority Leader for the Republicans in the House.

“I have served two terms with Rep. Flanagan and I have been impressed with his ability to understand policy issues and to work effectively with his colleagues,” said Speaker Jasper. “I was also  looking for someone who was a strong Republican, a leader,  and someone whom I could trust,” said Jasper.

Rep. Flanagan has served two terms on the House Labor committee. “I am looking forward to working with my caucus to set the agenda for the upcoming session.  There is no question that the economy, job creation, and healthcare are at the forefront of what the people of the state are most concerned,” said Flanagan.  “

Rep. Shurtleff, who served as the House Majority leader during the previous session was the choice to lead the Democrats in the upcoming biennium.  “I look forward to working together with Speaker Jasper for the good of the state and in the best interest of the people of New Hampshire,” said Shurtleff.  “I am confident the, under Speaker Jasper, there will be a continuation of the civility, collegiality and respect for the institution that we hold so dear.”  Rep. Shurtleff is entering his sixth term in the NH House of Representatives.