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Article Title / Topic Page # in Master Compilation
Issue 1: March 15, 2013 HB 617 Chandler testimony 1
  SB1- R&D Tax Credit 2
  10 Taxes & Fees from HB2 2
  LTE writing tips 3
  2013 Democrat Priorities 4
Issue 2: March 22, 2013 Dems Mislead on Budget Deficit 5
  Understanding the State House 6
  Release: Repeal of Voter ID Requirements, HB 595 7
  W&M GOP Reject Gas Tax 7
  Why Medicaid Should Not Be Expanded 8
Issue 3: March 29, 2013 Dems kill retirement alternative study, HB 455 9
  Release: Sanborn on Gas Tax 10
  Release: Chandler on Stand Your Ground Repeal, HB 135 10
Issue 4: April 5, 2013 Democrat House Budget Recap 11
  Republicans united in opposition to House budget 12
  House Dems vote to increase tobacco tax 12
  Release: Chandler on Irresponsible House Budget 13
  Republican revenue estimates get it right 14
Issue 5: April 12, 2013 Cebrowski amendment to HB2: allocate additional resources to DRED 15
Issue 6: April 19, 2013 House Dems Priorities: More Taxes, More Govt 16
  ICYMI: Senate tables repeal of education tax credit, HB 370 16
  Message from Republican Leader on appropriate messaging 17
Issue 7: April 26, 2013 Arlinghaus: Internet Sales Tax & NH Advantage 18-19
  ICYMI: House passes SB 108 19
  Rep. Rappaport Named Colebrook Citizen of the Year 19
Issue 8: May 3, 2013 Committees of Conference & Enrolled Bills 20-21
  ICYMI: Senate committee votes to kill Stand Your Ground, HB 135 21
  ICYMI: House committee votes to ban lead jigs, SB 89 22
  ‘12-’13 Republican Budget leaves surplus 22
Issue 9: May 10, 2013 Budget & Continuing Resolutions FAQ 23
  House Joint Committee on gaming bill 24
  House passes resolution to support marathon victims 24
Issue 10: May 17, 2013 House Republicans comment on Senate amendment to BET bill 25
  ICYMI: Senate committee acts on Gas Tax 26
  ICYMI: Joint House committee acts on gaming bill 26
  Josiah Bartlett Center report on MET 27
  House Commerce Committee acts on Auto Dealers Bill 27
Issue 11: May 24, 2013 Senate cuts and trims Democrat House budget 28
  House kills gaming bill 28
  House passes Auto Dealers Bill of Rights 28
Issue 12: May 31, 2013 Senate budget highlights 29-30
  Senate committee kills HB688 30
  House committee retains bill eliminating Merrimack tolls 30
Issue 13: June 7, 2013 Medicaid Expansion Myths 31
  House GOP supports Senate budget 32
  Joe Osgood wins special election! 32
Issue 14: June 14, 2013 Explained: Medicaid Expansion 33-34
Issue 15: June 21, 2013 Budget Deal Reached 35
  Budget highlights 35-37
  Conference Committee on Medical Marijuana 37
  Conference Committee on HB442 37
Issue 16: June 28, 2013 Release: State Budget Passes 38
Issue 17: June 12, 2013 NHGOP Chair Horn Op-Ed: State Budget 39-40
  Medicaid Expansion Commission Update 40
Issue 18: September 20, 2013 Frequently Asked Question: Medicaid Expansion / Fast FAQ’s 41-42
  Medicaid Expansion Alternative presented 43
  Anthem Briefs State Senate on Narrow Networks 44
Issue 19: October 18, 2013 Must read opinion pieces on Medicaid Expansion 45-46
  Republican Leader Comments on FY13 surplus 46
  Republican Leader Comments on Medicaid Expansion Commission Report 47
  Republican Leader Reacts to NH Ranking 48th in Business Tax Study 47
Issue 20: November 8, 2013 House Republicans United against Obamacare Medicaid Expansion 48
  Release: Republican Leader comments on Medicaid Expansion Legislation 48
  ICYMI: House committee recommends killing GMO labeling bill 49
  Republican Leaders surprised at State Exchange flip flop on Medicaid Expansion bill 50
Issue 21: November 25, 2013 Governor, House Dems’ Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Bill Fails 51
  Release: Republican Leaders comment on outcome of special session 52
  Release: Republican Leader on the passing of Councilor Raymond S. Burton 53
  NHGOP Statement on Medicaid Expansion Vote 53
  Sanborn & Kurk Op-Ed: Expand Medicaid? Only if you want a state tax increase 53-54
Issue 22: January 10, 2014 House Republicans Remain United on Vote against Medicaid Expansion 55
  Release: Republican Leader comments on House Democrats’ Surprise Medicaid Expansion Amendment 56
  Sen. Bradley statement on House Passage of Medicaid Expansion legislation 57
  Release: Republican Leader Comments on Budget Surplus 57
  Rep. Sanborn Op-Ed: NH House Democrats plan to raise taxes, increase regulations 58
Issue 23: January 17, 2014 House Republicans introduce 2 bills to reform EBT Program, curb fraud & abuse 59-60
  ICYMI: House passes business killing title loan bill 60
  ICYMI: House votes against license plate scanners 60
  Rep. Sanborn Op-Ed: Working to cut red tape 61
  The Hidden Truth to Expanded Medicaid 62
  VT Health Connect: A Lesson in State Health Exchange Issues 63
  Editorial: Fosters: Nothing not an option 64-65
Issue 24: January 24, 2014 Rep. Abrami: Op-Ed: Republicans Keeping House Dems’ Spending in Check 66-67
  Release: Republican Leader Comments on Bill Restricting Gun Rights 68
  ICYMI: House kills GMO labeling 68
  ICYMI: House passes in-state tuition for illegal immigrants 68
  Rep. Haefner & Rep. Sadd: Why labeling GMO foods makes no sense 69
Issue 25: January 31, 2014 Obama, DNC Dictate NH Dems’ Legislative Agenda 70-71
  Mass Confusion with MA Health Insurance Marketplace 72
  Poll: Obamacare Support Declining among Uninsured 73
  ICYMI: Keno passes NH House 73
  ICYMI: House passes boat fee hike 73
Issue 26: February 7, 2014 Legislative Alert: HB1589 74
  Release: Republican Leader reacts to State of the State Address 74
  Sen. Sanborn Op-Ed: Equal pay law works in NH, but we can make it clearer 75
  Arlinghaus: Op-Ed: A minimum wage hike will hurt low-income Granite Staters 76-77
  CBO: More bad news for Obamacare 77
Issue 27: February 14, 2014 Release: Republican Leader comments on outcome of gun background check bill 78
  HB1589 Vote Recap 78
  ICYMI: Trapping bill passes House 79
  ICYMI: NH Veterans’ home smoking bill in study committee 79
  Legislative Watch: HB1403 Minimum Wage Hike 79
Issue 28: February 28, 2014 Reps Sanborn & Birdsell: Op-Ed: It’s not a job gap, it’s a wage gap 80-81
  Dems continue surprise amendment campaign 81
  ICYMI: House votes to prohibit residency restrictions for sex offenders 82
  ICYMI: House okays paycheck equity bill 82
  ICYMI: House prohibits employers from using credit history 82
  Legislative Watch: HB1409 82
  Legislative Watch: HB1403 82
Issue 29: March 6, 2014 Release: Republican Leader comments on Senate passage of SB413 (Medicaid Expansion bill) 83
  Release: Republican Leader comments on Republican effort to cut meals tax 83
  ICYMI: Dem majority kills free market health care bill 84
  ICYMI: Rep. Herb Richardson leads fight to keep lottery winners’ names private 84
  ICYMI: Bill forcing landlords to accept section 8 tenants & others tabled 84
Issue 30: March 14, 2014 Release: Republican Leader comments on job killing minimum wage bill 85
  Release: Republican Leader congratulates Kenney on Executive Council Victory 86
  Legislative Alert: HB1264 86
  ICYMI: Bill passes House forcing landlords to accept section 8 tenants & others 87
  ICYMI: House rejects committee recommendation, votes to kill mandatory headlight use 87
  ICYMI: House approves bill protecting citizens from unwarranted surveillance by drones 87
  House Republican Policy Leader to be featured at GOPAC town hall 88
  More stories from state insurance exchange troubles 88
Issue 31: March 21, 2014 Release: Republican Leader comments on bill that spends 2013 surplus funds 89
  Release: Republican Leader comments on additional bill that spends anticipated surplus 89
  Release: Republican Leader statement on House action on HB1264 90
  Release: House Republicans comment on passage of paint tax bill 90
Issue 32: March 28, 2014 Release: House Republican Leaders comment on passage of SB413 91
  ICYMI: House kills bills terminating NH participation in Common Core standards 91
Issue 34: April 11, 2014 FAQ’s on the Gas Tax Increase 92
  How NH’s paltry rainy day fund stacks up 93
Issue 35: April 18, 2014 Release: Republican Leader comments on House Committee approval of gas tax increase 94
  ICYMI: House votes to further control employment process for businesses 95
  ICYMI: House votes to prohibit employers from using credit history in hiring 95
Issue 36: April 25, 2014 Release: Republican Leader comments on House approval of gas tax increase 96
  Release: Republican Leader reacts to S&P downgrade of state bond rating 97
  ICYMI: Oregon dumps its own exchange, goes for federal exchange 98
  Rep. Waterhouse wins American Spirit Award 98
Issue 37: May 2, 2014 Chandler: Op-Ed: Rebuilding NH’s Rainy Day Fund Should be a Priority 99-100
Issue 38: May 9, 2014 Arlinghaus: Op-Ed: The Governor’s Inappropriate Nominee 101-102
  MA abandons signature health exchange 102
  SB369- The House vehicle addressing the MET 103-104
Issue 39: May 16, 2014 Release: Republican Leader statement on House action on SB415 105
  100% House Republicans: Put Money in Rainy Day Fund 105
  Where do your highway fund dollars go? 106-107
Issue 40: May 23, 2014 Gov makes tax reforms the boogie man 108
  SB 367: How big will your town’s slice of the pie be? 109
Issue 41: May 30, 2014 House Dems stomp the life out of HB 415 110
  NH Obamacare doling out millions to in-state and out-of-state contractors 111
Issue 42: June 6, 2014 MET Settlement explanation 112
Issue 43: June 13, 2014 Where are the waivers? 113-114
  ICYMI: Moody’s lists NH’s bond rating as “Stable” 114
  Democrat members’ missed votes 114
Issue 44: June 20, 2014 NH Health Insurance Provider Networks 115
  ICYMI: Agencies make requests for next year’s capital budget 116
  ICYMI: Gov vetoes HB1244 116
Issue 45: June 27, 2014 Release: Republican Leader Reacts to NH Ranking 30th in CNBC’s Top States for Business 117
  ICYMI: MA Buffer Zone Law Ruled Unconstitutional by US Supreme Court 117
  ICYMI: Merrimack Toll on Exit 12 to be Removed as Part of SB 369 117
Issue 46: August 1, 2014 Release: House Republicans Comment on ACA Related Budget Concerns 118
  Issues 2014 118
  Release: House Republicans Comment on Executive Branch Plan to Expand Tax & Circumvent Legislature 119
  Governor’s Vetoes 220