House Republican Leader Opposes $100 Per Day Vehicle Registration Fine Proposal

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued the following statement on House Bill 563, relating to the fees for failing to register a motor vehicle. The bill proposes to modify the fine from $100 per occurrence to $100 per day.

“This is another Democrat-sponsored bill that finds a new way to squeeze more money out of our citizens. I’m not sure how you would calculate the percentage increase in the fine as proposed in the bill, but if you were a week late, you could have a $700 fine instead of a $100 fine. That’s a 700% increase in just one week,” Hinch said. “This bill is sponsored by the legislator who was appointed to lead the House committee that deals with taxes and fees. If this is how Democrats want to demonstrate to voters how they plan on running the state, we’re in for an expensive 2 years.” Link to text of the bill: