New Member Spotlight: Rep. Brad Bailey (R-Monroe)

rep. baileyBrad always wanted to do public service, and still gets goosebumps walking up the State House steps. Brad’s Dad and best friend was quiet, even-keeled, patriotic and a great public servant, and inspired him to do his part and follow his foot steps.

Brad ran for office focused on making it easier for businesses to operate in our state and to reduce the tax burden for all. He knows first hand how tough it is, as a State Farm agent in his town of Monroe. Before he went into the insurance business, he was co-owner of a radio station in Littleton (WLTN).

Brad is enjoying serving on the Legislative Administration committee, and
representing the towns of Littleton, Bethlehem, Monroe, Lyman, Lisbon,
Franconia, and Sugar Hill. He is married to Julianne, and has a son at
UNH and a daughter in high school.