Cordelli: EFAs give low-income students options for schools

It has long been clear that the four walls of the average classroom do not always meet the needs of each child in even the best school system. New Hampshire Republicans have recognized that and are doing what we can to expand access, increase flexibility, and empower students and their families to best navigate their child’s education.

Despite what the critics have been saying, we’re not affecting public schools or their funding. New Hampshire’s Education Freedom Accounts is a carefully designed program that ensures integrity in the system. We have pathways of opportunity for low-income students to receive funding to attend schools that work for them. Some of these students may have special needs — ensuring they have access to the right school is in all of our best interests.

I’m proud of the work New Hampshire Republicans have done over the years to expand school choice and opportunity, and we’ll continue fighting for further reforms to the system as it evolves. Our basic premise — that zip codes should not determine outcomes — is resolute and we are committed to fighting for Granite State students who need us to fight for them.

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