Doucette: A tale from Democrats, NH deserve better

WHAT SHOULD be a time to celebrate the most fiscally conservative budget to ever pass through the New Hampshire House, I find myself disappointed to have to call out misleading if not blatant lies put out by House Democrats. It is no surprise that my Democratic counterparts tried to justify their policy failures by taking credit for things that they had no part in. To lead constituents on by falsely stating they advocated for small business, New Hampshire families and consumers in their lackluster budget is disheartening. The voters deserve better and they deserve to know exactly what their representatives have been up to this past legislative session.

Despite arrogant claims from Democrats that New Hampshire voters can thank them for a low unemployment rate, business tax cuts, adequate funding for education and mental health, this past year proved otherwise.

Coming out of this public health crisis, New Hampshire saw a desperate need for more education options that fit the needs of families. What did the Democrats do? Instead of helping these families, they advocated for the unions and used their network to advance their own radical agenda of indoctrination. They used the same old bullying tactics and backed families into a corner with no relief. They made everyday people feel like the enemy.

Not only were education needs not met with public schools closed with no options for parents, the mental-health issue crept into our school-age children. It crept into the lives of our veterans and those who could not afford mental health services. Instead of so-called relief, Democrats took the time to bash Republicans without offering sound solutions.

Another issue they claim credit for is helping to close loopholes in tax cuts for big businesses like Netflix and Amazon. Ironically, it was these big businesses that profited the most from phasing out small businesses run by average, hardworking families.

The New Hampshire left boasts about low unemployment and helping people get back to work. Someone should remind them that job creation is not the same as people finally getting back to work after not working for the better part of a year. It seems our friends across the aisle forget how resilient people of the Granite State are, and how it is through liberty and rugged individualism that everyone was able to come out of this and move forward. They did this while hiding in their own homes, disrupting committee meetings, keeping us out of the State House and stacking public testimony with out-of-state lobbyists with no vested interest in what happens in our home state. Democrats forgot about you, the voter.

Republicans did not forget our promise to the people of New Hampshire to cut business taxes, provide financial relief for families, fund much needed infrastructure programs and clean water projects, protect children and the unborn, small businesses and the New Hampshire Advantage.

The Republican budget also funded improved mental health services in the form of a mobile psychiatric unit and facility. While Democrats spent the better part of the past year mudslinging and shirking their responsibility to the taxpayers, Republicans rolled up their sleeves and got to work — and we completed our mission despite our colleagues’ inability to see past themselves.

This Republican budget not only answered the immediate needs of financial security — it also addressed much more pressing issues like executive orders and individual liberty — liberty that the radical left has been working to erode and what Republicans have been working to uphold.

As legislators, we work for the people and advocate on their behalf for a better, truly tax-free, business and family-friendly state. I can’t say the same is true for our Democratic friends. New Hampshire deserves better. We are sick of the regurgitated talking points of Democratic robots and their federal overlords. Vote for a better future for NH and its citizens — vote Republican.

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