LANZARA: Budget benefits Nashua

Every vote I’ve taken in the State House I have been determined to put the people of Nashua first. With my recent vote on the state budget, I’m confident that I did just that.

The Republican budget is spending nearly $400 million to mitigate property taxes, with a $100 million cut directly to the statewide property tax.

We’re going to spend $83 million on road and bridge construction across the Granite State. We invested $30 million in school districts for school building aid. Through an increase in the Meals and Rooms tax revenue distribution, we’re sending $50 million more to cities and towns which will allow communities to target key areas of need.

We’re downshifting cash, not costs, to municipalities to create opportunity. Nashua should be thrilled about that, and I’m proud of my vote that made it possible.

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