Rhodes: Empowerment not for leftists to define

There are a lot of ways women feel empowered, but the basic function is always the same — overcoming a difficult obstacle. It is never easy, but empowerment is never a simple achievement.

This year’s budget provision to limit abortions gives women something to really be empowered about — a layer of confidence toward protecting their children.

While leftist call this “restriction” a radical attack on women, they forget the attacks they inflict on our most vulnerable every single day. They forget that a majority of Americans object to late term abortions (20 weeks, or five months), and that this legislation progressed New Hampshire forward to align with 43 other states’ current practices.

In fact, America is only one of four countries that allow late-term abortions (along with China and North Korea). This isn’t new, this isn’t radical — in fact it’s long overdue.

Further, the governor hasn’t made himself “anti-women” in signing off on this budget — if anything he’s proved he supports ALL women, including the most vulnerable. We need to be realistic in acknowledging that this isn’t a trade-off between the “freedom women feel” versus “the validity of the life being killed.”

This budget provision tells women they don’t have to kill their child in order to be successful, that they don’t have to make a regrettable choice for the sake of the progressive status-quo. This budget is pro-child, and most definitely pro-women.

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