Sweeney: Newly minted budget expands ‘New Hampshire advantage’

Salem stands to benefit greatly from the actions the Legislature has taken this year, especially with the transformational state budget we just passed.

We’re reducing taxes on employers, eliminating the interest and dividends tax over the next five years, and raising the minimum threshold for tax filings so that 30,000 additional Granite State small businesses would no longer have to even file their taxes.

There are wins in this budget for everyone.

We’re expanding school choice through educational freedom accounts to support opportunity and flexibility for low-income families. Our tax relief will see a lower rooms and meals tax, benefiting Salem restaurants, and we’re going to see over $1 billion in tax savings across the Granite State over the next 10 years.

We’re delivering real property tax relief by cutting $100 million from the statewide property tax and investing in our municipalities through infrastructure and an increase in the rooms and meals tax revenue distribution.

We’re also instituting a paid family medical leave program, without an income tax, that will empower Granite State workers and employers to opt into a program that works for them in order to retain and attract talented and young people from across the country to come to the Granite State.

When I ran to be one of Salem’s state representatives, I pledged to work with Sen. Chuck Morse and Gov. Chris Sununu to expand and defend our New Hampshire advantage.

Our recently passed Republican budget did just that.

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