Jasper: Voter Identification Bill is Common Sense Legislation

To the editor,

When House Republicans were elected we pledged commonsense reform in important areas of public policy. Ensuring fair and ethical elections is one such reform.

This session, we passed legislation asking voters to present a photo identification to establish that the individual presenting themselves to vote is who they say they are, just as they must already prove that they live where they claim when first registering to vote. We appreciate that elections are an irreplaceable part of our democracy; therefore this reform is carefully conceived. Unfortunately, Democrats are using outrageous claims about alleged voter suppression to question our motivations and mislead the public.

To be clear, our sole intention is to do everything possible to avoid voter fraud and ensure ethical elections. Yet, former President Bill Clinton compared voter identification to “Jim Crow Laws” and State Representative Chris Serlin compared asking for picture identification at the polls to torturing and killing children.

How is photo identification requirement suppression when citizens already have to prove residency by providing things such as utility bills or signed leases to first register to vote? Additionally, how is it the equivalent of a poll tax when the state provides free identifications to those who need them?

Expect New Hampshire’s liberal elements to continue making misleading claims but the truth is that 25 states currently have this requirement and there is no legitimate reason to be so hysterically opposed to this commonsense measure that meshes seamlessly with our voter registration requirements and safeguards against voter fraud.

Rep. Shawn Jasper (R-Hudson)
Deputy House Majority Leader

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