House and Senate Leaders agree on tax cap, ban on income tax

CONCORD– House and Senate Leaders issued the following statements regarding the passage of CACR 6 and CACR 13 today: 

House Speaker William O’Brien:

“These two constitutional amendments, if passed by the voters, will help guaranteeNew Hampshire’s low-tax, limited-government strategy for economic growth will endure for generations to come.  By making it significantly harder to raise taxes and fees, and by ensuring that our state does not have an income tax, we will make theGraniteStatethe right place to live and to grow a business.  These amendments will secure our future and will send a clear message that fiscal responsibility is here to stay.  We thank our Senate colleagues for our shared commitment to protecting state taxpayers.”

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley:

“CACR 13 is the result of a strong bi-partisan effort.  A constitutional amendment banning an income tax inNew Hampshirewill make state government more accountable in the way it spends taxpayer dollars and ensure we will have a balanced budget that lives within people’s means.  A state that takes less of its resident’s hard-earned money is a state where people are going to want to live.”

Sen. Andy Sanborn, R-Henniker:

“While the House and Senate have different approaches to keeping the size of state government in check, we agree with the House perspective today on CACR 6 which will require a 3/5 vote of the legislature to pass any new or increased taxes or license fees.  This is a great first step towards a responsible way to approach future spending.  We simply cannot go back to an out of control, unchecked government with an open checkbook to create tax increases.  CACR 6 will go a long way to ensuring future legislators will act in a fiscally responsible way.”