House Approves Repeal of the Granite State Paid Family Leave Plan

CONCORD, NH – Representative Len Turcotte (R- Barrington) released the following statement after the House passed HB1165, repealing the Granite State paid family leave plan by a vote of 172-164:

“Last year, Republicans in Concord came together and passed a true conservative budget that included historic tax cuts, a $100 million reduction in property taxes, and empowers parents to find the best educational fit for their children. It was truly a ‘transformational symphony of reforms’ that all Granite Staters can be proud of,” said Turcotte. “Part of that legislation was the Granite State paid family leave plan. Since the passage of this program, several concerns have arisen and new information has come to light.”

“During public hearings for this bill, the Labor committee learned that private insurance will be developing plan offerings independent of the government’s family leave plan. Letting them meet the demand for Family Medical Leave is a win-win for the state. The government program has yet to be implemented, so now is the time to repeal it and allow the private sector to take the lead. The New Hampshire Advantage is all about making wise investments and HB1165 ensures Granite Staters will not be on the hook for millions of dollars.”

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