House Democrats Stand Against Law and Order

Concord, NH- House Transportation Chairman Thomas Walsh (R-Hooksett) released the following statement after the House Transportation Committee voted HB374, relative to the application process for driver’s licenses and privacy of motor vehicle records, inexpedient to legislate on a vote of 11-9.

“New Hampshire is a land of law and order. In my years as a representative, we have seen this bill multiple times and it still fails to make sense. In accordance with the law, you can have your license taken away for many reasons, but if HB374 passes, we send the message that it is completely acceptable for people to break some of our laws, including our immigration laws, but not others. We constantly tell drivers that having a license is a privilege, and it is not proper to bestow that privilege upon those who knowingly and continually display a disregard for the law.”

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