House ED&A Vice Chair Applauds Committee Vote on Anti-Racism Legislation

Concord, NH- Vice Chairman of the House Executive Departments and Administration Committee Terry Roy (R-Deerfield) released the following statement after the committee voted 10-9 to pass HB544, relative to the propagation of divisive concepts.

“Despite what bill opponents have said, HB544 is an anti-racism piece of legislation that would prohibit the teaching of racist theology to students and employees of State schools. We have seen this become a trend nationwide, and it is causing disharmony, resentment, and hatred. These are not the concepts we should be teaching anyone, let alone children.”

“This bill does not prohibit teaching about racism and its negative effects throughout history. Teaching about history, including institutional racism, and the steps we have taken to address it, are important aspects of a proper education and a healthy and diverse workplace. What this bill does is it prohibits the teaching that one race is at fault in perpetuity for challenges and disadvantages faced by another race.” 

“We acknowledge that racism still exists and that we must always be on guard against it to challenge it whenever it rears its ugly head but we also believe in the inherent good of the individual Granite State citizen and in the greatness of this State and of the United States of America. Of all the nations on Earth, it is the United States that provides the most opportunity and legal protections to minorities of every race, creed and religion. The supporters of the concepts and theology prohibited by this bill apparently believe otherwise.”

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