House Leaders Comment on Secretary of State Hearing on Local Government Center Report

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien and Deputy Speaker Pamela Tucker today offered the following statements in response to the first day of public hearings by the Secretary of State’s Bureau of Securities on its report finding against the Local Government Center.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“It is absolutely critical that we always remember that all the money that funds pooled risk groups like the LGC are taxpayer funds.  That’s why the allegations raised by the Secretary of State’s report are so serious and need a full and thorough hearing.  We must get to the bottom of these issues to see if tax dollars were wasted or used inappropriately.  Since pooled risk groups were created and authorized by the legislature, we have a responsibility to provide oversight and make sure that they are operating within the public interest and efficiently.”

Deputy Speaker Pamela Tucker

“The concerns included in the report are exactly why the House formed a special committee to look into these issues.  We need a comprehensive review of the laws that govern these groups and identify if we need to change how they do business.  The House committee will begin work this month, and the members will look at all aspects of the pooled risk insurance groups, including the LGC, and get back to the House to make the appropriate recommendations.  I look forward to finding ways to make sure that we are protecting property taxpayers across the state.”