House Special Committee on Redistricting Announces Series of Redistricting Public Hearings throughout New Hampshire

CONCORD – House Chair of the Special Committee on Redistricting today announced a series of ten public hearings to gain public input into the redistricting of the House, the Executive Council, the County Commissioner Districts, and the two congressional districts. There will be a hearing held in each county of the state. According to the New Hampshire Constitution, lines for districts for state and federal office holders must be redrawn every ten years based upon the results of the Census.

Paul Mirski, Chairman, House Special Committee on Redistricting

“As we go through this process, we feel it is important to get public input to solicit any thoughts and concerns of the citizens of the state about redistricting. As is the custom for past redistricting, we will hold one public hearing per county, and ask all interested parties to try to attend the public hearing in their particular county. The goal of these meetings is to get a clear understanding of how our citizens feel they should be represented. We want to know if certain communities or individuals have specific concerns or thoughts about districts and their views on how they should be formed. We will open these public hearings up, and then turn them over to the public to submit testimony.  This will include the opportunity to offer verbal or written testimony to the committee. Furthermore, we will be working to record these public hearings, so that we have a record of all the testimony offered.”