House Leadership Slams Democrats for Opposing Protections for Granite State Taxpayer

Bedford, NH- Deputy Majority Leader Fred Doucette (R-Salem) released the following statement after House Democrats denied Granite Staters the opportunity to vote on two constitutional amendment-concurrent resolutions (CACRs) that would prohibit an income tax and a broad-based sales tax. 

“After two years of House Democrats’ relentless attacks on the New Hampshire advantage, it’s not surprising that they would deny granite staters a direct vote on how much government can reach into their pockets. A commitment to low taxes and small government has long had some bipartisan commitment compared to other states, but it is clear House Democrats have thrown that out the window,” said Doucette. “Today’s vote is a clear indication that they are still open to the idea of turning New Hampshire into a high tax, big government state like California or Massachusetts.” 

“House Democrats like to talk a big game when it comes to protecting Granite State taxpayers. Their actions on the House floor this week showed that to be nothing more than disingenuous political rhetoric.”



Constitutional amendment- concurrent resolutions (CACRs) are required to pass each body in the legislature by 3/5th’s of their membership; then the CACR must be submitted to the voters at the next biennial November election.  The CACR must be approved by two-thirds of the qualified voters present and voting.

CACR 1- relative to taxes. Providing that an income tax on earned personal income shall be prohibited.

CACR 2- relative to taxes. Providing that any broad-based sales tax shall be prohibited.

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