House Leadership Statements on Veto of HB 133

The following statements were issued by House Leadership following the announcement that Governor Lynch has vetoed HB 133.

“With this veto, the Governor is sending exactly the wrong message to employers that New Hampshire is going to make it harder to create jobs.  Last November, the voters sent a clear message that they wanted more jobs, not more job-killing regulation, like the minimum wage.  The House and Senate are united in making it easier for businesses to grow and add jobs here, particularly for low-wage workers who often lack job skills.  There is no reason for New Hampshire to set ourselves higher than the national average and make ourselves less competitive for these workers who need to gain experience.  Minimum wage jobs are often the first step on the job ladder for many employees and by vetoing this bill, the Governor is taking an axe to the bottom rung of the career ladder,” said Speaker William O’Brien.

“Once again Governor Lynch has reaffirmed his anti-business philosophy by rebuking a request from the business community to set a fair and consistent wage for New Hampshire workers.  The business community has continued to seek balance and consistency in how both the state and federal government treats them.  By this action, Governor Lynch is telling New Hampshire businesses to remove the ‘open for business’ sign from our state.  Time and again he has proved that he is an anti-business governor and this is just another example.  This legislation was not only supported by the New Hampshire business community but also by a super majority of both the House and Senate.  Policies such as  this that enhance job creation and make New Hampshire more competitive should be the top priority of our chief executive. This is yet another move by the governor to stifle the ability of New Hampshire businesses to compete and thrive.”

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