House Majority Leader Blasts Democrat Effort to Raise Gas Tax

CONCORD – House Majority Leader Pete Silva (R-Nashua) today blasted an effort by Democrats to hike the gas tax at a time when New Hampshire residents are already being crushed by gas prices.  Rep. Chuck Weed (D-Keene) filed a bill request for next year (#137) to increase the tax paid by motorists for every gallon of gasoline.  At a recent debate sponsored by the Business and Industry Association, Maggie Hassan, the Democrat candidate for Governor, indicated that she was open to raising the gas tax.

House Majority Leader Pete Silva

“At a time when our hardworking citizens are already being crushed by the high cost of filling up their tanks resulting from the doubling of gas prices under the Obama Administration, the last thing we need is the gas tax increase that the Democrats have put forth.  Now we have a Democrat legislator filing a bill to increase the gas tax with the encouragement of their nominee for Governor, Maggie Hassan.  It’s clear that they are looking for any new way to increase spending by sticking it to the taxpayers.”

“When I talk to voters across Nashua and across New Hampshire, they are looking for relief at the pump, not higher taxes.  Democrat party bosses continue to be deaf to the message that it’s time to start helping our people keep more of their money, not use it to grow government spending.  There is a clear difference here.  Republicans worked hard this term to eliminate Maggie Hassan and the Democrats’ vehicle registration surcharge of between $30 and $75 per automobile, and Democrats are now looking to raise the gas tax.  The voters should ask themselves who is more committed to protecting your paycheck, big spending Democrats or fiscally responsible Republicans.  It’s an easy choice.”