House Majority Leader Calls out Democrat Effort to Raise Beer Tax

CONCORD – House Majority Leader Pete Silva (R-Nashua) today called out a Democrat effort to raise the beer tax in New Hampshire.  Rep. Chuck Weed filed a bill request (LSR #136) to increase the beer tax.  The bill would be heard in the 2013 session.

House Majority Leader Pete Silva

“In the House Democrats’ perfect world, if you are somehow able to find a job, you would now pay an income tax for your time there, then pay a higher gas tax in order to drive home, and then you would get hit one more time to have a beer, so that you can drink away the sorrows of living in the Obama economy.  This unending series of tax increases clearly demonstrates why the voters so thoroughly tossed out the Democrats from power in 2010, but it’s clear that they haven’t learned their lesson.  Our citizens simply can’t afford these endless raids on their wallets.  A beer tax increase is exactly the wrong message to send to the hardworking taxpayers of New Hampshire who want fiscal accountability from their elected leaders, not more excuses about why we need to grow government.  The message that these proposed tax hikes send is incredibly clear – if you want more money in your pocket, vote Republican; if you want bigger government, vote Democrat.”