House Majority Leader Condemns Rep. Klein Knight’s Racist Rant

House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) released the following statement following accusations of violent racism made against Rep. Nicole Klein Knight (D-Manchester).

“The accusations of blatant and violent racism that have been made against Rep. Klein Knight are unbelievably appalling. If it was any other member, I would be incredulous at this accusation. However, given Rep. Klein Knight’s extreme track record, as made clear by the groups that have already cut ties with her, I am not. Her comments have no place in society.”

“The writing is on the wall. Democrats are losing ground to the more extreme members of their own Party. This isn’t just a local phenomenon, but a national one. Leadership failure and unethical tactics in Washington have a trickle-down effect that is proving to be disastrous on the local level.”

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