House Majority Leader Reacts to Cringe-Worthy House Democrat Legislative Proposals for 2019

CONCORD- House Majority Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement after reviewing the titles of legislative service requests (bill requests) by New Hampshire House Democrats relative to single-payer healthcare, gun restrictions, increased regulations, and other proposals that could have severe negative effects.

“Democrat state representatives are revealing what legislation they intend to introduce for 2019, and this a sample of what we could see for keynote bills with a Democrat majority in the House or Senate,” said Hinch, “Single-payer health care, increased restrictions on gun owners, and weakening our common sense voting laws are just some of what makes me cringe when I look down the list of their legislative bill requests. Voters should take note.”

“Many of these proposals were soundly rejected by the House and Senate very recently, and rightly so. I’m not sure the voters of New Hampshire are eager to give in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants, or send a resolution to Washington about nuclear weapons,” Hinch continued, “These proposals are totally out of touch.”

“New Hampshire Democrats just need to look next door to Vermont to realize that single payer health care is not feasible. According to reports, the plan that failed there in 2014 would have required an 11.5% payroll tax on employers and a 9.5% income tax in addition to the state’s existing income tax. The fact that we’re seeing legislation to look at this issue again just baffles me. Vermont studied it, and rejected it because it would have bankrupted their state.”

Legislative service requests (LSRs) proposed by Democrat members of the New Hampshire House:

Single-Payer Health Care:

2019-0128         Title:     establishing a New Hampshire health access corporation.
Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

2019-0129         Title:     establishing a commission to examine the feasibility of the New England states entering into a compact for a single payer health care program.
Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

2019-0130         Title:     relative to Medicare for all.
Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

Gun Restrictions:

2019-0019         Title:     requiring background checks for commercial firearms sales.
Sponsors: (Prime) Katherine Rogers

Weakening Voting Laws:

2019-0012         Title:     relative to domicile residency, voter registration, and investigation of voter  verification letters.
Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan

2019-0013         Title:     relative to the terms “resident,” “inhabitant,” “residence,” and “residency.”
Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan , William Pearson, Martha Hennessey

In-State Tuition for Children of Undocumented Immigrants:

2019-0138         Title:     relative to higher education tuition rates for undocumented students.
Sponsors: (Prime) Mel Myler , Mary Heath, Patricia Cornell, David Doherty

Ineffectual Resolutions on Washington:

2019-0102         Title:     urging Congress to establish a system of checks and balances on the use of nuclear weapons and to establish a nuclear weapons “no first use” policy in the United States.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca McBeath

Increased Regulations:

2019-0127         Title:     establishing a minimum wage.
Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

2019-0151         Title:     establishing a state minimum wage and providing for adjustments to the minimum wage.
Sponsors: (Prime) Howard Moffett , Martha Fuller Clark, Marjorie Smith, Linda Tanner, Dan Feltes

2019-0064         Title:     increasing the maximum period for the zoning board of adjustment to hold a public hearing.
Sponsors: (Prime) Suzanne Gottling , Linda Tanner

2019-0032         Title:     relative to training requirements for electrologists.
Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

2019-0033         Title:     relative to the regulation of body art establishments.
Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

2019-0034         Title:     relative to the regulation of massage establishments.
Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

More Expensive Electricity

2019-0001         Title:     establishing a committee to study requirements for committing New Hampshire to a goal of 50 percent renewable energy by 2040.
Sponsors: (Prime) Jacqueline Cali-Pitts

Background: Text of legislative service requests are not made public until the sponsor approves the draft bill, or makes the text of the draft available prior to their approval.