House Majority Leader Reacts to Hillsborough District 16 Recount

Concord, NH- House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) released the following statement after the conclusion of the recount for Hillsborough District 16:

“Don’t let the Democrats’ spin on today’s court ruling cause whiplash. The fact is that the Democratic Party attempted to take a legislative seat by subverting and disenfranchising voters. New Hampshire’s full and complete election process should play out to ensure the voters’ duly elected representatives are the ones, in fact, representing them. Despite the Democratic Party’s hypocritical antics, justice prevailed today. I thank Secretary Scanlan for ensuring that the recount was done accurately and that all votes were counted. Now that all the votes are counted, and the will of the voters of Manchester Ward 6 is known, I offer my congratulations to the Honorable Larry Gagne and the Honorable Will Infantine on their re-elections to the New Hampshire House.”

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