House Majority Leader Statement on Passage of House Budget

CONCORD – House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) offered the following statement relative to the House vote on HB1 and HB2, as amended. The budget bills passed by majority roll call vote, 212-161 (HB1) and 194-179 (HB2).

House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline)

“The House Finance committee did a tremendous job working through the intricacies of state government to identify what we could afford with the revenues we have. In the end we have a fiscally responsible budget that will ensure state government continues to meet the needs of our population, and provide services to those most in need. Republicans were elected to majorities in the legislature, in part, to hold the line on spending, slow the growth of government, and stop new or increased taxes. This House budget achieves those objectives. House Republicans stood united in support of our core principles.”