House Passes Land Use Review Docket

Concord, NH- House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Lynn (R-Windham) released the following joint statement after the House passed HB347-FN, establishing a superior court land use review docket, on a strong bipartisan voice vote.

“This bill will not only reduce the backlog of land use cases that currently exists, but will provide many economic benefits for local boards, property owners and developers,’ said Rep. Osborne. ‘When both sides of the aisle work together we can come up with intelligent solutions to problems that exist in our state. I am pleased with the outcome from the House today.”

“I appreciate the way a bipartisan majority of the Judiciary Committee worked together to achieve this victory for New Hampshire,’ said Chairman Lynn. ‘There were many people on the committee who were instrumental in ensuring the product brought to the House floor was the best possible, including Rep. Marjorie Smith. Given the extreme shortage in the availability of housing throughout the state, this legislation seeks to streamline the appellate process and reduce the time and expense involved in the development process. It is our goal to increase the availability of affordable housing.”

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